7 Things To Expect If You Are Dating An INFP

May 16, 2023

The ENFJ is just as enthusiastic as the ENFP, and this personality type values meaningful conversation, making the ENFJ another best match for ENFP who is social. ENFP compatibility is also seen with the INFJ personality type, per experts. While the INFJ is an introverted personality type, the INFJ has ENFP compatibility because they are intense and creative, which matches the ENFP’s need for new experiences. The enthusiastic, extraverted nature of the ENFP personality type brings both strengths and weaknesses to ENFP personality relationships. The ENFP personality type also makes decisions based upon feelings and is a perceiver, meaning the ENFP tends to be open to new information.

Sometimes they even enjoy being a bit over the top, with the goofy pick-up lines and expressions of affection in a playful manner. For the INFP, this isn’t meant to be taken too seriously and is done to show their interest but also that they have a sense of humor about the situation. Sometimes when the INFP likes someone very much, they can actually become nervous and have a harder time flirting with them so openly. They might really need the other person to make the first move and show that they are interested. INFPs can be such open and fun people when they get to know someone, but at first, they are often nervous and shy around someone they like. It takes time for them to open up and feel comfortable, but once they do, they start to really shine and show these different parts of themselves.

In fact, once these two Perceiving types are more comfortable with each other, they can have a lot of fun together since both are fairly relaxed and free-spirited. INTPs and ESFPs may have few shared values, so this can be a tough match. The ESFP is outgoing and high-energy, a “people” person who thrives in the spotlight.

They will work hard to build and develop that connection throughout the relationship. “Focus on what you care about, what you need in your relationships, what you value the most in dating partners and in friendships,” she said. People with an INFP personality type tend to be reserved, idealistic, and adaptable in their behavior. They enjoy being by themselves or with small groups of people, and prefer to listen to and contemplate the thoughts of those around them.

In terms of compatibility, there aren’t too many differences in the best matches for a male INFP versus female INFP. In general, this is a type that needs to be with someone that shares the same core values as them, according to both Hackston and Nardi. That’s why, according to licensed therapistDe-Andrea Blaylock-Solar, MSW, LCSW-S, CST, it’s important for the INFP to approach relationships with a touch of realism. Being so caring and sensitive, it’s not uncommon for this type to get steamrollered by a more intense personality. Finding a partner with the right personality type can help them avoid these challenges.

If you’re looking for a partner who is intelligent, insightful, and perceptive, then an INTP may be the perfect fit for you. However, INTP in relationships needs a partner who is just as intelligent and insightful because they don’t naturally gravitate toward discussions that are mundane or superficial. As introverted thinkers, INTPs can seem cold and distant at times. It is safe to share your wildest sexual fantasies in INTP relationships, as the INTP is open to new ideas in all areas of life, including the bedroom.

Romantic Relationships

In return, INFPs can help ESFJs access their creativity and originality when problem-solving. Types that are quite similar to INFPs but have intriguing differences, which can produce a healthy relationship with plenty of personal growth opportunities. Generally speaking, though, if an INFP is looking your way, consider yourself lucky. This is a type that’s selective about who they date and slow to open up. But once they find someone they’re interested in, they are loyal and loving partners. “They’re both that intuitive and perceiving type and may too often think of the big picture, without hammering out the little details,” she tells mindbodygreen.

With any two personality types as similar as INFP and ENFP, a relationship can be made to work with a little effort. They get along very well individually, but in a social setting, the INFP may be irritated by the ENFP, who on their part will have trouble understanding why. INFP and ENFP are most compatible when both understand that they need to make compromises to accommodate their partner, and this will be met with gratitude on both ends.

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You are logic-driven, whereas your counterpart is values-driven. Although you both like to analyze, your interest lies more with logic and reason—does this make sense? On the other hand, your counterpart takes their cues from morality and ethics—how can this work best for people? You may find that although you are drawn into fascinating conversations with this person, those same conversations tend to end in frustration as you simply cannot agree on what’s important. Although they can inject themselves into a friend’s life quite a lot to try to help them, they are intuitive about what their friends need and will take a step back if needed. Just as you tend to be led by your own values, other people may have different values.

Unfortunately, this makes their partner awkward because they cannot see what is brewing beneath the calm exterior. It’s only natural that INFPs get https://matchreviewer.net along well with their INFP friends. They share a similar thirst for creative endeavors and innovation, are imaginative, sincere, and empathetic.

This makes an INFP partner work very hard to make a relationship work. In fact, they may sometimes end up giving too much and taking or expecting little in return. INFP relationships could mean they make excuses for a partner because they’re so convinced of the power of love to make things perfect. An INFP boyfriend can provide the sweetest and most nurturing relationship his partner can experience. Along with a genuine desire to emotionally support and nurture his partner, excellent listening skills are among the INFP boyfriend’s strengths.

We’re your one-stop destination for unraveling the mystery that is love. INFP-ISTP – An Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving type is solid, real, and spontaneous. This is more or less the polar opposite of the INFP type despite the common ‘perceiving’ in the type. On the plus side, an INFP type will brighten an ISTP’s rather melancholy mind and make them a little more daring. On the downside, their communication will be tough since INFP types are all about abstract ideas and theories and ISTP talks in concrete steps and flowcharts. INFP-INFP – This makes for a deep emotional and spiritual relationship and the similarities can bring about great harmony.

A Guide To INFP Compatibility In Relationships, From MBTI Experts

They are likely to listen well to each other’s take on a problem and derive inspiration from their varying perspectives. Autonomy is extremely important for them, and they have an entrepreneurial streak, ideally working on projects where they can keep pushing boundaries. However, INTPs favor taking an objective stance, preferring to make decisions based on hard facts.