Build A Huge Back With The Deficit Deadlift

July 20, 2021

Deficit deadlifts and rack pulls can act to increase of decrease the range of motion experienced within a deadlift. Rather than pull the weight, trying thinking of the first pull as more of a ‘squeeze’ off the floor with a leg press type movement. This is the completely opposite of what you should do. Never rip the bar off the ground because you’ll lose your good starting position and the tension that you created in your setup.

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  • If you don’t have a rack, you will need to lift the bar up to the starting position.A lot of gyms have tall racks you can rest barbells on.
  • Anyone who lifts and doesn’t compete can still reap the benefits of a strong deadlift.
  • The three variations below can increase unilateral strength and hypertrophy and add variety to a training program.
  • Much of the effort that goes into a heavy deadlift lies in the act of setting your back and maintaining that squeeze through the full range of movement.

Essentially you’re pausing 1-2 inches off the floor on both the concentric and eccentric portion of the lift. Pausing in the concentric phase teaches excellent pulling mechanics and really reinforces the idea of keeping a rigid spine and tight lats without letting the hips shoot up or the chest drop over. The hold at the bottom position is essentially an eccentric isometric that promotes proprioception, hypertrophy, hip mobility, motor control, and proper squatting mechanics. A recent scientific double blind study has shown that best results in deadlifting were obtained with both feel flat on the floor and both hands securely on the bar. One researcher suggests that even better results might be obtained if both feet were on the same side of the bar. I hope he gets a grant soon because until he produces some scientific evidence us empirical types will have to keep on guessing.

The International Powerlifting Federation allows belts. They forbid straps because they make your grip muscles work less. But your abs don’t work less when you wear a belt. They work MORE because they have something to push against.

Differences In Deadlifts

In the end, I believe this leads to a stronger training effect. As we’ve already demonstrated, when you use a sumo stance, you decrease the moment arm between the hips and the bar. In effect, this makes extending the hips much easier.

Barbell Sumo Deadlift Video

Your position at the bar is significant in maintaining leverage. If the bar is too close or too far, you won’t be able to steady your stance or drive upward correctly. If everything is okay, you’re set up to lift the weights.

Many will argue that the sumo deadlift is “cheating” because it has a shorter range of motion . People will also argue that the sumo deadlift is easier because it allows your hips to stay closer to the bar. Often I’m asked if people should squat or deadlift. Conventional deadlift vs. sumo deadlift is a very similar question. Both the squat and the sumo deadlift recruit much more quad than the conventional deadlift. It tends to work the hamstrings, back, and spinal erectors more than the sumo due to the more horizontal back angle of the starting position.

Coaching Perspectives On Deciding Between Conventional Vs Sumo

Like all muscle building exercises, as fat is replaced by muscle, cardiovascular fitness is also improved and metabolism is increased so there’s a huge calorie burn during and after the workout. As you build more muscle, you naturally burn more fat. As you burn more fat, your anabolic hormones increase (testosterone, growth hormones, etc.), allowing you to build muscle easier–which then allows you to lose fat easier. Because the deadlift is a comprehensive exercise, there are definite weight loss benefits produced by it when combined with diet and a regular workout.

Lifting straps will remove any grip related limitations for your pulls, will spare your skin, and also enable you to pull with a symmetrical overhand grip. The downside is of course that you won’t reap the benefit of getting a stronger grip from your training. A good compromise for an avid deadlifter might be to use straps in about half of your deadlift training, if you feel that pain or damaged skin is holding you back.

To get the best results, it’s critical you apply the appropriate variation and have the correct form. Bad posture while deadlifting can result in damage to the spine and lower back. Yes, deadlifts are a difficult exercise but if you stick with them and have proper form, you will receive a lot of benefits. Therefore, if you would like to see these benefits from your exercise routine, then add deadlifts to your exercise.

If you’ve never pulled a heavy deadlift – relative to your strength – then it’s hard to understand. In theory, all you do is bend down, grab a big weight, and stand up straight. In practice, regular deadlifters are ticking off a mental checklist, double and triple-checking their form and how their body feels.