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July 6, 2022

Here I’m just attaching the air brush to the hose of the compressor iwata medea eclipse hp cs dual action airbrush gun.Now we’ve attached the air hose to the compressor and to the air brush airbrush gun drawing, it’s time to turn the compressor on.The compressor muse in the spa Max T C 620 X has a regulator and a pressure gauge, it’s important to change the pressure of the air brush to what you want to work at I want to work at twenty pierce I and as you can see the gauges reaching forty per site at the moment so I pull up the regulator cap.I twist it round while depressing the trigger on the air brush.And as this is happening, I’m able to turn the Doyle. And get the pressure down to twenty PS I.Yeah.Here I have some products in front of me that are really important to air brushing I have some air brush cleaner, which is very important to clean out your air brush and make sure there’s no residual paint left in the air brush.Air brush thinner, this is the thin down the paints if they’re not spraying correctly at your air brush, it depends on the needle nozzle set, you’ve got but the rule of thumb is the smaller your needle nozzle on your air brush, the more likely you are to use air brush thinner for your paints, I’m using pre thinned vallejo game or acrylic paints and out of most needle nozzles, they don’t need thinning baton again smaller needle nozzle sets, you might need to use the air brush thinner, so the paint can spray correctly at your air brush.Now we’re going to add a little paint to our air brush, first of all I shake the paint to make sure it’s mixed correctly in the bottle.Air brush paint goes a long way so I only put two or three drops in.I’m using a note point.Four millimeter needle nozzle set, so I don’t need to thin the paints in this instance.To release air we’ve pushed down on the air Bush trigger and to release paint, we pulled back on the air Bush lever. Basically, the more you pull back on the lever, the more paints released as you can see here each spot that I’m using on pulling slightly further back on the air brush trigger which is making the rain dots bigger.You can also control the size of the dots by moving the air brush closer to your object source here I’m working really closely to get small dots of circles.Here I’m doing an exercise let’s just get used to the flow of the air brush to bring the air brush closer, the lines get dinner ought to move the air Bush further away and.Pulling back on the lever are exactly the same age, the lines will get sicker.It’s just a case of practicing on the air Bush with loops and different size shapes to get used to how much to pullback on the lever and how close or far away from your objects for which you need to be to get the right line thickness that you want to be working with.Yeah.Here I’ve made some lines and some circles on paper, it’s to test hand to eye coordination, so here I’m trying to get the dots in the little squares that you can see on the grid.HMM.Yeah.Yeah.Here embracing my left hand with my right hand and trying to closely follow the circle with the air brush.This helps with accuracy of spraying air brush.Here I’m using the same principle again making lines going from left to right and from right to left.Yeah.After finish spraying it’s important to clean our air brush.A start boy placing some water into the air brush cup and using a paint to swill all the excess paint arraigned and mix it with water and flush it straight out the air brush into the cleaning pot which is also an essential purchase when you start air brushing to get a cleaning pot to remove excess paint from the cup. Once I flush the water eight then I’m going to add some air brush cleaner just to make sure any residual pain that was left in the air brush cup is removed.Cool.After cleaning out the air brush cup, we’re now able to use a new paint color in the air brush cup and as you can see it will spray noise and smoothly out of the air brush.After cleaning the blue paint out of the air brush as I did with the red pain early on in the video, I’m going to take the air brush apart and clean it.Start off by unscrewing, the needle chucking nut and taking the needle out from the back of the air brush.Now on unscrewing the needle cap, the nozzle cap and I will come.The fluid nozzle.Yeah.I’m going to now clean the air brush needle, so I’ll spray a little bit of air brush cleaner on some kitchen roll and I always work from the back of the needle towards the front and never go from the front to the back, because I could jab my finger with a needle or I risk damaging the delicate tip of the needle. Here I’m adding a little bit of air brush cleaner to a cotton bud.Yeah.I’m cleaning the needle cap here. And the fluid nozzle.Here I’m using a small brush just to clean the outside of the fluid nozzle, you can use dental brushes to do this job.Here I’m making sure there’s no residual pain or clogged paint in the fluid nozzle I’m using harder in steam backs.Reema, but if you don’t have the reamer, you can also use the needle place the needle.Gently to the front of the nozzle and twist it round to make sure that there’s no paint stuck in the fluid nozzle.Although not an essential purchase are highly recommended picking up hydrants team backs reamer it really does help get rid of residual paint at the fluid nozzle. I mentioned earlier on in the video that the harder and steam back evolution Silver line air brush I have is a two in one, which basically means that there’s two needle nozzle sets one was nought point four millimeter and one was naught point two millimeter.Here I’m swapping a the north point four millimeter that I had inserted into the air brush for the north point two millimeter set and it’s as easy as taking off the air head, the fluid nozzle, the nozzle cap and the.Needle from the back of the air brush here, I’m just replacing the north point two millimeter front to the air brush and needle.Did you press the trigger.And slowly priced the air brush needle to the front of the air brush.I’m just going to replace the handle on and there we have it swapped over the needle set, noise and easily and now our air brushes able to splay much smaller and finer lines.