One-Parent Family Members Repayment. One-Parent family members fees (OFP) are a payment for gents and ladies under 66 who will be taking offspring upwards minus the service of somebody.

November 16, 2021

One-Parent Family Members Repayment. One-Parent family members fees (OFP) are a payment for gents and ladies under 66 who will be taking offspring upwards minus the service of somebody.


Getting this repayment it is vital that you fulfill certain circumstances and also you must satisfy a means test.

One-Parent household repayment try a taxable source of income.

a to function family members bonus can be acquired for lone parents and long-term jobseeker people with youngsters just who discover or go back to operate.

Upkeep payments and COVID-19

When the other father or mother of the son or daughter have ended or lowered her upkeep cost, you can find a boost in the One-Parent group fees.

In order to get a rise, you need to speak to your local Inteo Centre. You will want to compose a letter declaring either the lowered quantity or that you’re not obtaining a maintenance installment and offer it towards regional Intreo Centre.

Their One mother or father parents installment would be improved for a time period of doing 12 months. Then years, your own fees are assessed as well as your means reassessed.


To qualify for image source a One-Parent group fees (OFP) you must:

If you were maybe not hitched towards the father or mother of the child/children you certainly do not need to seek repair from more mother when you initially claim OFP. However, you must make initiatives to find upkeep from additional mother to keep to get entitled to OFP.

You can read more about exactly what trying to search servicing method for isolated parents and for single mothers. See additionally ‘accountability to keep parents’ below.

Earnings from maintenance

Maintenance repayments individually and maintenance to you personally regarding of the children is considered within the way test. If you should be acquiring servicing from multiple people, all of the payments tend to be put along plus the total is actually assessed. But best 50 % of your earnings from upkeep might be subtracted from the OFP. For those who have property expenses, their lease or mortgage payment as much as at the most €95.23 each week tends to be offset against upkeep money. Half the balance will be considered as way. You should create evidence of book or mortgage repayments. You can acquire more information on exactly how upkeep is actually evaluated as way.

Responsibility to keep families

People will be required, in legislation, to pay servicing to a depending spouse, municipal companion or former cohabitant and any established girls and boys who aren’t coping with all of them. These people are known as ‘liable family relations’. If you should be an accountable general and don’t spend adequate repair your ex-spouse, ex-civil mate or previous cohabitant and centered child(ren), it is vital that you subscribe to the cost of the One-Parent Family Payment, which can be compensated to your group.

The constant maintenance data recovery product associated with section of societal security will get in touch with the responsible relative whether they have perhaps not paid adequate repair. You can easily contact the Maintenance Recovery product on (071) 967 2599 for additional information. You can also find completely more about ‘Liability in order to maintain Family’.

One-Parent Group Fees and EU Legislation

EU people, EEA people and Swiss nationals that employed or freelance in Ireland and that happen to be paying into the Irish social insurance coverage system don’t have to meet the habitual residence standards to qualify for One-Parent parents fees.

One-Parent Family Installment and Deserted Spouse’s Advantages

If you had to transfer from Deserted Wife’s profit to One-Parent group installment to-be approved as a person on a residential area jobs system, you’ll be able to apply at get entitlement to Deserted spouse’s advantage rejuvenate. While Deserted spouse’s profit are sealed to newer individuals, it’s still compensated to those who had expert for this before 2 January 1997.

Maximum once a week rate of payment for Deserted Wife’s advantages is higher than maximum once a week rate of installment for One-Parent Family cost. Any time you be considered having their entitlement to Deserted Wife’s Benefit rejuvenate, you may also getting due arrears.

Get older maximum for a relevant son or daughter

Receive a One-Parent family members installment you really need to have a minumum of one appropriate son or daughter below 7 yrs old.

Exceptions into era limits

Domiciliary Attention Allowance

If you are acquiring Domiciliary treatment Allowance (DCA) for a child, you be eligible for OFP with respect to that youngster should you meet with the other ailments. Which means that possible apply for or continue to claim OFP before youngsters hits 16 or DCA prevents. You will also have a rise for an experienced son or daughter (IQC) for just about any some other young children inside family until they contact 18 (or 22 if in full time studies) while DCA (and OFP) is in fees.

Carer’s Allowance

If you are currently acquiring OFP and therefore are promoting full-time care and attention for example of the offspring or for a grownup (particularly a moms and dad or a brother), you can keep your OFP as well as state half-rate Carer’s Allowance, provided that the youngest kid is actually elderly under 16 decades.

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