Physician scam my pal is perhaps all over FB searching for a nice people currently. She ended up being friended

November 23, 2021

Physician scam my pal is perhaps all over FB searching for a nice people currently. She ended up being friended

My buddy is perhaps all over FB searching for a nice man currently. She is friended on FB by a Dr Eric Griffins. She believes he’s genuine but im right here to prove he could be a fake. His FB web page is pleasing to the eye, thus does his pics, but I think a scammer is utilizing this physicians profile. They chatted for many period, now he or she is asking for cash to be able to visit her to put in a leave demand from inside the level of $1050.00.

She’s taken your severely because he has got advised rest these are generally a coupe, she claims if they are a scammer however need spoke with other people to obtain their cash furthermore. Be sure to establish the lady completely wrong before she delivers your the income. He could be Dr Eric Griffins. In Syria. Leave accepted through NATO. City Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. In Syria with Secret Service Objective.

I first think he had been in with medical practioners without Boarders. If I are wrong about that man I are obligated to pay the girl an apology but I don’t imagine i’m.

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Feedback for Medical Practitioner fraud

Are people speaking with Dr. John Pamo who states become from extended seashore, CA, and an orthopedic surgeon in Yemen? I can not see a Dr.’s list for him anyplace.

Are individuals speaking with Dr. Donald Lawrence? A liar from the beginning. Are unable to have any money. Basically truly treasured your i’d deliver your the cash. He desires us to end up being his girlfriend in which he will travel right here when he is completed however they are updating his deal.

Another one to take into consideration. Doctor Thomas venture, ORthopaedic doctor with NATO in Yemen.

I have already been related with a person exactly who states getting an orthopedic doctor involved in Aleppo, Syria with physicians without edges. He goes by title of John Williams. The guy initially mentioned using one of my personal Twitter posts, as soon as we replied your, he questioned me to change-over to Hangouts firstmet dating phone number.

I knew quickly it actually was a scam, and so I continuing only to get more resources. Within a short while he had been obsessed about me personally. Planning to arrive at the united states and marry me. The guy said he’d not a way to gain access to their bank account, and gave me title and email of his lawyer, that has been a gmail acct, just who therefore said I had to pay for $4,850.00 for his papers for allow.

While I questioned your about their money and advised him I had none, he said their attorney could arrange for us to obtain the revenue thru a move, but they wanted my lender resources.

Definitely i did not give them that and advised these to wire the funds via west Union. For that they desired us to send them a duplicate on the front and back of my ID. The guy said he had been from Ireland and sent a picture of his “home” there. The garden with a pool and “palm trees”.

I barely believe you will find palm woods in Ireland. He also sent photographs of their children, that we am certain that aren’t their. He called as soon as, and never a sign of an Irish highlight. We checked his Twitter levels and then he is actually appropriate around 57 girls. So are there more sufferers nowadays.

We have reported him to Twitter, Google, FBI. Wish they nab these folks. Just be careful ladies!

I am called by women claiming to be an orthopedic surgeon in Syria for any UN. I’m smart to this stuff and so I tried softly.

I already discovered she took another medical doctors profile and pics.

OMG (Oh My Benefits). I AM BEST attempting to show you that SCENARIO with Eric Griffins is actually exactly the same as how it happened to me. IDENTICAL. It has taken place to people. The same condition.

Eric Griffins might be an alternate term nevertheless circumstances is similar. The brands modification, nevertheless the FRAUD is the identical.

In case the friend feels so extremely in this so-called Dr. Eric Griffins then determine her to choose they! She’ll see with time the truth regarding the matter.we best desired to promote my SWINDLE with other people to avoid they from occurring in their mind. Whew. Is this so very hard to comprehend?

I as well must connect with the UN Vacation office to inquire about for a leave consult. After saying he adored me so-so a lot however point out that we had been hitched. And whenever we purportedly authored into the UN holiday Office I had to inform all of them that I happened to be his wife and that there seemed to be an urgent situation at home. today, i understand since the letter ended up being probably taken to HIM and the saddest part of this whole thing would be that I really believed that it was false but I imagined that we treasured him and would not think MYSELF.

NOW HOW PATHETIC USUALLY. I desired to think HIM and not MY VERY OWN INSTINCTS. PATHETIC, indeed. Damn me personally. “physician SWINDLE, please GET A GRIP and like your self, you will find anybody available for you personally and a great person and never an individual who will probably ask you to answer for money.

This case is really like mine. KINDLY LISTEN don’t allow these people do this to all of us good type reputable everyone. You shouldn’t DO IT “Medical Practitioner Fraud” target.

KNOW ABOUT “DOCTOR SCAM” determine the girl that it’s a SCAM as that is what happened to me. PLEASE USUALLY DO NOT SEND HARDLY ANY MONEY. Tell the lady to not ever end up being thus desperate!IT’S A FRAUD. Just what more am I able to say! She actually is maybe not deaf-dumb and blind is actually she? IT’S A FRAUD as well as he wants is the revenue.

For me it was iTune notes to download their documents and then $5000 for a pass from UN where he had been a orthopedic surgeon immediately after which the guy requested $12,000 dollars for any airplanes food. He will inquire to either submit it by Western Union otherwise line they through your lender. As I went to Western Union, they know RIGHT-AWAY that it was a fraud and wouldn’t send the money for me.

extremely DUMMY myself went along to my financial and delivered they to a bank account in SMYRNA, GA. IT REALLY IS A FRAUD.

PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN because’s a SCAM and simply tell him to send the cash to check out what happens. COME-ON and PAY ATTENTION.

Hi. I accept your. He or she is a scammer without a doubt. Which industry a health care professional will query money from a lady?

In a secret mision? Please. Determine their to check on the info within webpage fraud Haters United, in which his title looks like the recognized scamers.

This people are criminals and require is ended. We have to protect against lady from all of these scumbags.

In his profile and tale are warning flags all-around.

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