See Cashing / Payday Loan. Knowledge. Ability. Controls. Actionable States.

November 11, 2021

See Cashing / Payday Loan. Knowledge. Ability. Controls. Actionable States.

For over 25 years Ideal computer software programs was the’s respected applications developer.

Let Me Know A Lot More

With features which are unmatched, Best will continue to give top-quality performance. From single shop, localized programs to full-blown room Office/Multi-Store channels, Ideal pc software items give unmatched show. With computer software composed through the surface up especially for the check/loan market, Ideal goods are fast, secure and secure. The perfect solution is designed to supply the business proprietor control and versatility in simple tips to build and operated her companies.

Exactly what it really does

The best Check Cashing & pay day loan software is a strong remedy for almost any operation. Full-featured usability and many additional segments improve perfect monetary providers items unsurpassed. With unmatched freedom, Ideal goods have the ability to arrange a solution that is excellent for your operation.

What you get

  • One Monitor Handling
  • On the web Teletrack Inquiries*
  • Speed Export Ready
  • Payday Advance/Check Cashing Home Business Office System*
  • Movie Capture*
  • Staff Member Particular Accessibility Rights
  • Access to Various Other Store Data*
  • On Monitor Customer & Check Background
  • Multi-user/Multi-drawer Capability*
  • “Bad” Buyer Alerting
  • Manages Simultaneous Transactions
  • Laser Written Inspections, Agreements and Money Orders*
  • Print to Burrell Forms
  • Stuff Component
  • ACH Interface*
  • Expenses Cover Interface*
  • Accommodates Authentic Demands
  • Expenses Tracking
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Integrated Wall Clock
  • User-definable Consumer areas
  • Create Consumer Mail-outs
  • Test Cashing & Payday Loans in one single Package for all the Price of One


This program module supporting places that require several workstations. With this module you could operate the Payday Loan/Check Cashing system in a “peer to look” planet or perhaps you might work in a “client-server” setup.

Video Capture

This program module allows you to catch a photo of a customer with a web site cam and store it a permanent the main customer’s record. The graphics associated with the visitors is obvious whenever processing any sort of deal. Allows quick aesthetic verification of a customer’s identity.

Additional components necessary: USB web digital camera

Always Check & Data Checking

This software module permits the customer’s check and various other necessary paperwork become scanned inside system as a permanent the main purchase. These things are scanned during the purchase or after. Monitors may be read with readily available Magtek check imagers or a mini MICR reader (just catches MICR info, no image of check). Magtek equipment will study and shops MICR facts into system automatically, reducing feasible errors. Documents particularly consumer ID, cover stub, proof target, closed contract, etc. might be scanned to the system by using a TWAIN compliant flatbed scanner. Check always picture are often caught with flatbed scanner (no MICR details). Make a decision and configure what sort of papers so when you will capture all of them. Captured imagery can also be found to be viewed and published at home Office plan.

Additional equipment needed: search Scanner and/or flatbed scanner

Collector Workstation Plus

This program module try an improve to the base Collector definitely included in all of our Payday Loan/Check Cashing system. This enables these types of improvements because capacity to assign range records to particular workforce centered on standards that you select. You have the capability to ready graphic and sound notifications to remind people of scheduled calls to get generated. The system will also monitor the range efficiency of your own staff. When found in combination with Centralized choices yourself Office, the shop employees may work an awful obligations object for a collection period of payday loans Indiana time after which them could be directed and assigned to collection workforce at your house company or external collection department.

State Database Program

This program component permits interface with condition databases. This removes the potential for employee mistake as well as the have to enter loan records into two methods. All purchases that need upgrading into condition database are performed in real time with no further measures necessary for your own staff.

Installment Financial Loans

This program module lets you function installment financing. This product will presently deal with Industrial or means “B” debts. These loan kinds require add-on interest. The system determines the quantity of loan based on details you build inside system as well as the principle registered of the user from the aim of purchase. The computer additionally produces a payment timetable the mortgage. A contract is actually immediately imprinted per latest installment financing transaction and will become customized. This can be utilized as an add-on component on the Payday Loan/Check Cashing program to allow both service to be run from an individual cash cabinet.

ACH Program

This program component enables the user interface of electric drafts of visitors bank accounts to speed up cash flow. An account with positive aspect Payment techniques is required with this module. Advantage are a 3rd party processor for ACH deals. Utilization of this module eliminates double entry of check facts and eliminates the possibility of problems. The software will communicate specifics of the electronic debit of customer’s checking account and any unfavorable suggestions was given after an item has been published instance NSF or membership Closed position. The system will instantly modify visitors data.

The usage of ACH try a tremendous instrument in functioning any cash advance process. From first deposit to collections activity, could gather additional debt, obvious overdue account and save well on lender provider expense. No payday loan provider should operate without one. For more information about Advantage cost programs head to their website or call 1-888-718-6767.

Extra components requisite: inspect Reader/Scanner New Service needed: levels with positive aspect installment Systems

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